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I stumbled across this blog the other day and was thoroughly tickled by the online dating (mis)adventures that happened to the writer. This prompted me to check my messages on the online dating site operated by the well-known local agency. Yeah, that one. I don’t check my account often because I’ve seen enough messages and profiles to put me off that site. What I’m going to write today may make me sound like a stuck-up b**** and may incur the wrath of some but I feel the need to air my views (and well, grievances).

Before I continue, here’s a bit of backstory on why I joined the dating site. Those who know me should know that I’ve never been into dating services. I signed up because I was supposed to do it together with a friend as a form of support. Both of us are single so why not give it a go, right? It’s free of charge anyway and we’ve got nothing to lose etc. As such, I happily went ahead and submitted my application, only to find out that my friend didn’t share my enthusiasm. That was two years ago and she still hasn’t signed up for it.

And that was how I became an official member of that dating site. To set the record straight, I’m not mad at my friend for playing me out. In fact, I’m glad to have done it as I can now tell her not to bother signing up. She’ll probably have a better chance of finding her Mr. Right while grocery shopping at NTUC than from the dating site. Read on to find out why I feel that the dating site is not exactly an ideal place to find your soulmate.

The Lousy Marketer

One member sent me a message recently and below is an excerpt of his profile.

About Myself
I would said that I am not a smart guy but logical…
Rather than telling the good thing about myself, I would prefer to tell the bad things.
I like to play Mahjong with Friends.
I like to set rules.(Don’t like people to break my rules unless logical)
I am an impatient guy who like to do thing fast.

My Preference in a Partner
She is smart and logical. Can stay with my family members.

Declaring yourself as “not a smart guy”? Listing the bad traits? Hey, I think you forgot you’re on a dating site trying to PROMOTE yourself. Granted, maybe you’re just trying to be honest but I hope you’re not expecting hordes of girls to flood your inbox after knowing you could be a rigid rule-setter and that you expect your future wife to stay with your family. Please.

The Mass Sender

First of all, I don’t know you so I’m not your “dear friend”. Secondly, I don’t care what type of Cs you have or don’t have but it’d be good if you could actually spend some time to craft a personalised message to the gals you so obviously mass sends messages to. If you really can’t be bothered to do that, at least make sure you cover your tracks.

The FOS One

You’re right, I didn’t like your first message (nor your second one). Yes I do know they’re all movie titles but why are you quoting them in your message? If you think that’s going to make you look clever and romantic, you’re sadly mistaken. I think that’s just plain lame and FOS. Oh by the way, I choose not to talk to you because I prefer to talk to someone who doesn’t type like a teenager.

The One Who Didn’t Try Hard Enough

Wow. Where do I even begin?

Is it any wonder why these guys are still single? Is it just me who feels this way? Am I expecting too much? Or maybe I’m just a weird-guy magnet? I thought hey who knows I might be able to make a couple of new friends through this site but after receiving numerous messages like these, I get really disheartened. Is it really that difficult to find a decent guy who presents himself well both on and offline?

Don’t say I didn’t try.

A new year already?

I can’t quite believe we’re almost halfway through January and Chinese New Year is less than one month away. I’m panicking because I don’t have time to do spring cleaning! In fact, I don’t even have time to think about Chinese New Year. The past few months had been crazy for me at work and it’s only going to get worse. Much worse.

If I’m lucky, I’d be able to take a breather in April. Yes, you heard me right – April. That’s four bloody more months to go and I really don’t know how to get through this. I don’t know if I’d be able to remain sane and hang on till I get a new job. I’ve never been so bogged down by work before in my life.

Maybe to others I’m just a weak and incompetent employee who’s unable to cope with stress, or someone who flees at the first sight of trouble. Ok, I have to admit there’s a sliver of truth in that statement but I’m seriously sick of my job. I’ve been in this job for only 14 months but things are already getting repetitive. How on earth can someone stay in this job for more than two years? You’re required to do the same projects every single year and there’s no way to delegate the work to someone else because there’re only two people in the department – you and your boss. In this situation, who do you think gets the honour of doing all the dirty jobs?

Well, at least now I know why my predecessor didn’t stay very long in the company either.

The procrastinator is back

I guess I got bitten by the procrastination bug afterall. I’ve been back from Taiwan for over a month now but I haven’t even sorted out the photos taken during the trip, let alone write a trip report. Even my mum has started to ask why I’m taking so long to make a copy of the photos in a CD for her. What can I say? I’m a bonafide procrastinator.

I had a great time during the trip but I found out that travelling with my parents requires a high level of patience. There were times when I almost wanted to tear my hair out but I still enjoyed their company (well, mostly). I’m really glad we went on the trip together and I’ll definitely do it again.

I can’t quite believe 2012 is coming to an end in six weeks’ time. I’ve been working at the company for a year now but somehow I still feel I’m new there. Maybe because I keep to myself at work and I don’t really make an effort to mix around with my colleagues. I know this isn’t a good thing but I just can’t seem to fit into the culture. I can’t pinpoint the problem but maybe it’s just me trying to create an excuse to leave the job next year. Yes, I do need a change of environment and I really hope I’ll be able to find something better next year.

Oh yes, did I mention that my birthday was yesterday? I’m another year older! Now this is really depressing because another year has passed but I’m still stuck in a rut. No progress at all in all fronts of my life. Is it only me or does this happen to others as well? I hate to be saying this every year but here it goes again – Let’s hope 2013 will be a better year for me.

I need a change and I need to start taking some actions to make the change happen.

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