Taiwan here I come (again)…

Oh my, time really does fly. I remember writing about not having the time to work out the itinerary for my Taiwan trip a few months ago. The next thing I know I’ll be leaving for Taiwan with the girls in two days’ time. I’ve come to realise that planning a travel itinerary isn’t a walk in the park at all. You need to find out all the nitty gritty details that you didn’t even know exist in the first place. Even after doing so much research, I still can’t say I know the directions to some of the destinations in our itinerary. That’s where the tour guides come in, I suppose. Thank goodness for them.

Flying to Taiwan
More research on Taiwan.

I think I’ve mentioned this many times before – I’m not a planner by nature. I enjoy doing it only if whatever that I’m planning is meant for myself. In that way I only need to be accountable for myself if things screw up. Makes sense? I guess that’s why I know I can’t survive in a project management role and that explains why I rejected a recent job offer.

Back to the trip, this will be my second visit to Taiwan and I’m looking forward to it. I enjoyed myself immensely when I was there about three years ago and this time we’ll also be travelling to Nantou for our homestay experience on top of our stay in Taipei. I’ll be back in Singapore on the 26th and hopefully I’ll have plenty of interesting stories and experiences to share.

It’s been so many years since I last travelled with the girls and we’ve talked about going on a trip together for the longest time. It’s really good to be able to do it with them again. So here we go, time to let our hair down and have a fantastic trip!

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